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Noble and delicate product, grapes require constant care during the all year. From dormancy period to the harvest, the vine is the target of all our attention. Being a winemaker also means being regardful of the weather and living through the concern of it: thunderstorm, wind, hail… But the ultimate reward is to see and feel the nature mightily blossom and quiver in harmony with the seasons. With at stake the promise of a beautiful harvest completing this wonderful cycle of life.

November to February

From November to February, it’s the dormancy period. This rest is essential after the production period. The vine stock is in dormancy, it’s the right time to do the cutting. The pruning is the first step towards mastering both efficiency and quality.

March to April

From March to April, the vine is reviving. It’s the bud burst or the release of the buds. This moment is crucial for the winemakers who are always dreading a spring hail or a devastating storm.
The vine will go through a great development during this period. We have to control the quantity of buds by elimination.

May to July

From May to July: 30 days after the emergence of the buds, the vine blossoms, it still is a delicate period. Strong gusts of wind or too much moisture can do harm to the efflorescence. Then, comes time for the trellising to allow a good alignment of the vegetation. It also create a better access towards the grapes for the sunlight.

July to August

From July to August, it’s time for the green harvest (when the vine is too generous). It will offer a better ripening for the grapes. Then comes the veraison (start of the maturity). At this step, every parcel is organoleptically and biochemically checked in order to control its maturation.
In late August, our oenologue takes over and follows closely the future harvest.


In September, finally, the harvest of the grapes! During this period, the whole domain is in turmoil, it’s one year worth of work that’s involved. Every parcel is unique and it’s harvest is done separately. This method will result in a better expression of the soil and a larger aromatic range. Whites and rosés are harvested during the night in between 4 and 8 o’clock, to avoid the oxidation of the grapes.

October to November

From October to November, with the harvest done, it’s the work within the wine cellar which begins. The fermenting process is checked daily. Tasting can control the organoleptic evolution of the future wines. Then comes the time for blending and oak barrel ageing. During the work in the winery, the vine is storing reserves for the winter in order to come back in spring.

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